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The ADAPTER_STATUS structure contains information about a network adapter via the (NetBIOS) API call. This structure is pointed to by the ncb_buffer member of the NCB structure. ADAPTER_STATUS is followed by as many NAME_BUFFER structures as required to describe the network adapters on the system

C# Definition:

internal struct ADAPTER_STATUS
    [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValArray, SizeConst = 6)]
    byte[] adapter_address;
    byte rev_major;
    byte reserved0;
    byte adapter_type;
    byte rev_minor;
    short duration;
    short frmr_recv;
    short frmr_xmit;
    short iframe_recv_err;
    short xmit_aborts;
    int xmit_success;
    int recv_success;
    short iframe_xmit_err;
    short recv_buff_unavail;
    short t1_timeouts;
    short ti_timeouts;
    int Reserved1;
    short free_ncbs;
    short max_cfg_ncbs;
    short max_ncbs;
    short xmit_buf_unavail;
    short max_dgram_size;
    short pending_sess;
    short max_cfg_sess;
    short max_sess;
    short max_sess_pkt_size;
    short name_count;

VB Definition:

<StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)> _
Private Structure ADAPTER_STATUS
   <MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValArray, SizeConst:=6)> Dim adapter_address() As Byte
   Dim rev_major As Byte
   Dim reserved0 As Byte
   Dim adapter_type As Byte
   Dim rev_minor As Byte
   Dim duration As Short
   Dim frmr_recv As Short
   Dim frmr_xmit As Short
   Dim iframe_recv_err As Short
   Dim xmit_aborts As Short
   Dim xmit_success As Integer
   Dim recv_success As Integer
   Dim iframe_xmit_err As Short
   Dim recv_buff_unavail As Short
   Dim t1_timeouts As Short
   Dim ti_timeouts As Short
   Dim Reserved1 As Integer
   Dim free_ncbs As Short
   Dim max_cfg_ncbs As Short
   Dim max_ncbs As Short
   Dim xmit_buf_unavail As Short
   Dim max_dgram_size As Short
   Dim pending_sess As Short
   Dim max_cfg_sess As Short
   Dim max_sess As Short
   Dim max_sess_pkt_size As Short
   Dim name_count As Short
End Structure

User-Defined Field Types:



typedef struct _ADAPTER_STATUS {
   UCHAR   adapter_address[6];
   UCHAR   rev_major;
   UCHAR   reserved0;
   UCHAR   adapter_type;
   UCHAR   rev_minor;
   WORD    duration;
   WORD    frmr_recv;
   WORD    frmr_xmit;
   WORD    iframe_recv_err;
   WORD    xmit_aborts;
   DWORD   xmit_success;
   DWORD   recv_success;
   WORD    iframe_xmit_err;
   WORD    recv_buff_unavail;
   WORD    t1_timeouts;
   WORD    ti_timeouts;
   DWORD   reserved1;
   WORD    free_ncbs;
   WORD    max_cfg_ncbs;
   WORD    max_ncbs;
   WORD    xmit_buf_unavail;
   WORD    max_dgram_size;
   WORD    pending_sess;
   WORD    max_cfg_sess;
   WORD    max_sess;
   WORD    max_sess_pkt_size;
   WORD    name_count;


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