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WNetAddConnection2 (mpr)
The WNetAddConnection2 function makes a connection to a network resource. The function can redirect a local device to the network resource.

The WNetAddConnection2 function supersedes the WNetAddConnection function. If you can pass a handle to a window that the provider of network resources can use as an owner window for dialog boxes, call the WNetAddConnection3 function instead.

C# Signature:

public static extern int WNetAddConnection2(NETRESOURCE netResource, string password,
   string Username, int Flag);

VB Signature:

Declare Function WNetAddConnection2 Lib "mpr.dll" (netResource As NETRESOURCE, _
   password As String, Username As String, Flag As Integer) As Integer

User-Defined Types:



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Sample Code:

C# Beispiel

NetResource myNetResource = new NetResource();        
myNetResource.dwScope = 2;                    
myNetResource.dwType = 1 ;                    
myNetResource.dwDisplayType = 3;            
myNetResource.dwUsage = 1;            
myNetResource.LocalName = "z:";        
myNetResource.RemoteName = "\\\\\\testfreigabe";        
myNetResource.Provider = null;        
int ret = WNetAddConnection2( myNetResource, "username","password",0);

/* if no username and password are required, then replace "username" and "password" with NULL */

Alternative Managed API:



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