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What is the wiki way for adding a link from one Wiki page to another?

I think putting square brackets around it will work

Here is a test Playground

also, every PascalCasedWord will be turned into a link. Check the Formatting Tips in the right column in edit mode https://pinvoke.net/emoticons/wink_smile.gif

For additional help checkout the help pages at www.flexwiki.com. http://www.flexwiki.com/default.aspx/FlexWiki/FormattingRules.html

Thanks jachymko. This wiki stuff is way cool https://pinvoke.net/emoticons/regular_smile.gif

Why use IntPtr in PInvoke signatures when int (Integer) works just fine?

For pointer-sized entities such as handles, they must be defined such that they will be 32 bits on a 32-bit machine and 64 bits on a 64-bit machine. IntPtr (or UIntPtr) accomplishes this. The use of int will appear to be fine if you only run the code on a 32-bit machine, but will likely cause your application/component to crash as soon as it gets on a 64-bit machine.

How can I fetch a parameterized message from an externalized ".mc" resource file using FormatMessage function ? What is the va* arguments parameter that the FormatMessage API takes as an input and how do I pass this parameter in C# ?

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