HEAPENTRY32 (Structures)
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Describes one entry (block) of a heap that is being examined.

C# Definition:

private struct HEAPENTRY32
     /** The size of the structure, in bytes **/
     internal UInt32 dwSize;
     /** A handle to the heap block **/
     internal IntPtr hHandle;
     /** The linear address of the start of the block **/
     internal UIntPtr dwAddress;
     /** The size of the heap block, in bytes **/
     internal UInt32 dwBlockSize;
     /** This member can be one of the following values.
         LF32_FIXED    0x00000001
        LF32_FREE     0x00000002
        LF32_MOVEABLE 0x00000004 **/
     internal UInt32 dwFlags;
     /** This member is no longer used and is always set to zero. **/
     internal UInt32 dwLockCount;
     /** Reserved; do not use or alter **/
     internal UInt32 dwResvd;
     /** The identifier of the process that uses the heap **/
     internal UInt32 th32ProcessID;
     /** The heap identifier. This is not a handle, and has meaning only to the tool help functions **/
     internal UIntPtr th32HeapID;

VB Definition:

Structure HEAPENTRY32
   Public TODO
End Structure

User-Defined Field Types:



Found in tlhelp32.h