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Website TODO List (misc)
The current list of updates that need to be made to the site.
  • Enable an automatic way to add new modules
  • Have a page that lets you select one or more signatures and have it generate a C# or VB file that contains those signatures.

Any other suggestions?


-- Adam Nathan

One thing that I would like to see is a page that lets you select one or more signatures and have it generate a C# file that contains those signatures. --

Good idea! I've added it to the list! -- Adam

You could go a step further and allow someone to generate an entire class for one group type. So if someone wanted all the signatures for user32 generated into one class/file they could... -- Ben S. Stahlhood II (

You definately need to get the site working in non-IE browsers. And you may want to consider removing the fading page transitions. I don't know about other people but I personally find them irritating. -- Adrian Ritchie (

I'll second this... -- DzCepheus

  • since there are other .net languages available, definitions should be independent from language, and one should be able to filter definitions by language.
  • low priority but it would be nice if code was hilited.
  • webservice should be able to add notes, tips & trick and some other stuff

-- Erdogan Kurtur (aka edokan)

  • the functions should be somehow tied to the consts you need to use them.
  • similiarly, the pinvoke visual studio add-in should add the consts with the prototype

I'd love to see all the Platform SDK headers added as HTML pages that could then be searched. Much of the time spent making a function call work is looking for the correct value of a constant or #DEFINE in a header file somewhere.

-- Kelly Summerlin

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