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What about descriptions of the methods that you can then search on. Imagine someone doesn't know the LogonUser method exists and can search for "log a user in" and hopefully happen upon the correct method?

Adam Sills

The current list of updates that need to be made to the site.
  • Make the site work well in non-IE browsers
  • Fix the 'ButtonBar' bug
  • Enable an automatic way to add new modules
  • Have better organization of functions vs. structures vs. ...
  • Have a page that lets you select one or more signatures and have it generate a C# or VB file that contains those signatures.

Any other suggestions?


-- Adam Nathan

You can increase the contrib rate if you implement some kind of karma system. Developers run on Doritos, coffee, and ego.

Chris B. Behrens

One thing that I would like to see is a page that lets you select one or more signatures and have it generate a C# file that contains those signatures. --

Good idea! I've added it to the list! -- Adam

You could go a step further and allow someone to generate an entire class for one group type. So if someone wanted all the signatures for user32 generated into one class/file they could... -- Ben S. Stahlhood II (

You could add signatures for VB.NET "declares" and VB.NET samples. It would just be an extra section that would be nice for the vb developper. --Eric

[Note from Adam: Some pages already have this, and it's definitely my intention for all of them to have VB signatures. We just need volunteers to fill them in!]

Standard API-structs

  • I would like to see a <summary> tag in all elements of a struct.
  • Automatic link-references to Structures do not work.

Frank Dzaebel []

Another idea is an offline version. I find your site extremely useful, but internet costs are very expensive here (telephone calls): A periodically updated "snapshot" of this site would really be useful.


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