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I wonder what this will do? This is pretty cool.
what is it

word up

1 2 3

ola mundo!

se seniorita!




Whoa. Dude, this is awesome..

This is completely amazing. I love you all!

This is neat

'WOW' ):

hey you Wackyasdfa wiki ;o)



Hey guys,

I was here


Hello Bananas : )


Who dunnit?


mickey mouse

Great job! Keep up the good work!!


This is Something Protier will like to incorporate

Hey this is really cool!!! but u just have to TRUST everyone

Wiki woo

Verrrrry interesting stuff

A scratch pad to practice editing and have fun!


this site will definitely have a future

(if the users are active)

There should be some kind of Login function or other security features to prevent malicious users from trashing these pages though.

And from posting any image they want:

Hello column2


''Well, the idea of Wiki is that while a user can trash a site, the Wiki system makes it easy enough to undo that it doesn't last for long. For example, I could fairly easily go delete every single item on the left, but thirty seconds later, another user would come along, grumble, and then fix it.

Chris B. Behrens

What a neat idea!

WHat's bobby?

I think there should be more information about the SMS calls

Wiki.. interesting..


This is code:
Sub main()
End Sub



Great work!
Amazing!!(┼×ahane )
TLG was here

Hi Test Text

testing a link [WS (Constants)]


Hello! This is realy great! What's so great about it?

Wow this is cool.


Irwansyah Irwansyah Irwansyah Irwansyah

From Lazy Programmer

Just inserting some stuff in here to see what this is like ??

First Time use of Wiki.

But how do we format it and stuff like that

Yeah, this Wiki stuff is super cool & nice site! -- Melissa & Harold


This is text


and this is code:

    '* This function must be called to free memory allocated by the Net API functions
    Private Declare Unicode Function NetApiBufferFree Lib "netapi32.dll" (ByRef buffer As IntPtr) As Long


What is the meaning of WIKI , I mean WIKI is abbreviation for what?!!!!!!!!


"wiki" comes from Hawaiian "wikiwiki" meaning "quick".

I'd like to figure out how to set up one of these for my own site...

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