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DNS_RPC_RECORD (Structures)
Header and data buffer of the structure used in Microsoft "dnsNode" (Dns-Node) LDAP records.

C# Definition:

    [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, Pack = 1)]
    public struct DNS_RPC_RECORD_HEADER
        public UInt16 wDataLength;
        public UInt16 wType;
        public UInt32 dwFlags;
        public UInt32 dwSerial;
        public UInt32 dwTtlSeconds;
        public UInt32 dwReserved; // REVERSED from MS documentation
        public UInt32 dwTimeStamp; // REVERSED from MS documentation
    public struct DNS_RPC_RECORD
        private DNS_RPC_RECORD_HEADER header;
        public UInt16 wDataLength { get { return header.wDataLength;}}
        public UInt16 wType { get { return header.wType;}}
        public UInt32 dwFlags { get { return header.dwFlags;}}
        public UInt32 dwSerial { get { return header.dwSerial;}}
        public UInt32 dwTtlSeconds { get { return header.dwTtlSeconds;}}
        public UInt32 dwTimeStamp { get { return header.dwTimeStamp;}}
        public UInt32 dwReserved { get { return header.dwReserved; } }
        //doesn't work, use load. [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValArray, ArraySubType=UnmanagedType.U1, SizeParamIndex=1)]
        public byte[] Buffer;
        public static DNS_RPC_RECORD Load(byte[] from)
        GCHandle handle = GCHandle.Alloc(from, GCHandleType.Pinned);
        DNS_RPC_RECORD_HEADER h = (DNS_RPC_RECORD_HEADER)Marshal.PtrToStructure(
            handle.AddrOfPinnedObject(), typeof(DNS_RPC_RECORD_HEADER));
        DNS_RPC_RECORD r = new DNS_RPC_RECORD();
        r.header = h;
        r.Buffer = new byte[r.wDataLength];
        Marshal.Copy(new IntPtr(handle.AddrOfPinnedObject().ToInt64() + Marshal.SizeOf(h)), r.Buffer, 0, h.wDataLength);
        return r;
    internal const ushort DNS_TYPE_A = 0x1;
    internal const ushort DNS_TYPE_AAAA = 0x1c;

User-Defined Field Types:



To use this, get a byte array of the LDAP object (dnsNode)'s "dnsRecord" attribute, and call the static "Load" method.

Note there can be more than one value for the dnsRecord attribute in each LDAP object, it is an array. For example, there could be several IP addresses that correspond to this node.

The Load method is needed because there's no way (that I can find) to have Marshal automatically put the trailing bytes into the Buffer array. I have invented the "DNS_RPC_RECORD_HEADER" type so that I can use PtrToStructure to load all the constant-sized parts automatically.

There are more type constants that I'm not using; see the PDF.

The documentation (from which I created this structure) seems to have REVERSED the fields dwTimeStamp and dwReserved. When I look at live data on the server, the field which is allegedly "dwTimeStamp" is zero, but "dwReserved" contains a value equal to the time stamp (An integer value representing the number of hours that have elapsed since midnight (00:00:00), January 1, 1601 UTC). The LDP.exe tool parses the data correctly. So I'm going to switch my struct above to reflect reality.

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