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SQLInstallerError returns error or status information for the ODBC installer functions.

public static extern SQL_RETURN_CODE    SQLInstallerError(int iError, ref SQL_INSTALLER_ERROR_CODE pfErrorCode, StringBuilder lpszErrorMsg, int cbErrorMsgMax, ref int pcbErrorMsg);


Public Shared Function SQLInstallerError(ByVal iError As Integer, ByRef pfErrorCode As Integer, ByVal lpszErrorMsg As StringBuilder, ByVal cbErrorMsgMax As Integer, ByRef pcbErrorMsg As Integer) As SQL_RETURN_CODE


SQLInstallerError does not post error values for itself. SQLInstallerError returns SQL_NO_DATA when it is unable to retrieve any error information (in which case pfErrorCode is undefined). If SQLInstallerError cannot access error values for any reason that would normally return SQL_ERROR, SQLInstallerError returns SQL_ERROR but does not post any error values. If either the lpszErrorMsg argument is NULL or the cbErrorMsgMax is less than or equal to 0, this function returns SQL_ERROR. If the buffer for the error message is too short, SQLInstallerError returns SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO and returns the correct pfErrorCode value for SQLInstallerError.


SQL_RETURN_CODE retCode = SQLInstallerError(1, ref errorCode, errorMesg, errorMesg.Capacity, ref resizeErrorMesg );


Dim retCode As SQL_RETURN_CODE = SQLInstallerError(1, errorCode, errorMsg, errorMsg.Capacity, resizeErrorMesg)

[SQLInstallerError] on MSDN

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