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    /// <summary>The status of the connection. This element is not used by the NetUseAdd function. The following values are defined.</summary>


    /// <summary>The number of files, directories, and other processes that are open on the remote resource. This element is not used by the NetUseAdd function.</summary>


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The NetUseAdd function establishes a connection between the local computer and a remote server. You can specify a local drive letter or a printer device to connect. If you do not specify a local drive letter or printer device, the function authenticates the client with the server for future connections.

You can also use the WNetAddConnection2 and WNetAddConnection3 functions to redirect a local device to a network resource. Connections added by NetUseAdd are not shown in the Explorer. You should use one of the WNetAddConnection methods to make the networkdrive visible in the explorer.


internal static extern NET_API_STATUS NetUseAdd(


uint returnCode = NetUseAdd(null, 2, ref useInfo, out paramErrorIndex);

[NetUseAdd] on MSDN

see NetUseAdd

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