SetThreadAffinityMask (kernel32)
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C# Signature:

static extern UIntPtr SetThreadAffinityMask(IntPtr hThread,
   UIntPtr dwThreadAffinityMask);

User-Defined Types:



Be careful.

SetThreadAffinityMask() alters the Win32 thread affinity mask. The same Win32 thread may be used for multiple different System.Threading.Thread instances (I believe not concurrently, but the underlying Win32 thread will be reused for performance reasons once an existing System.Threading.ThreadStart delegate exits).

Consequently, if this is used for short-lived tasks (i.e. the System.Threading.ThreadStart delegate will return before program exit), future System.Threading.Thread instances will be "mucked with" should they use the same underlying Win32 thread, thus impacting scalability and parallelism.

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